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Welcome to the website devoted to (not only) people who for some reason do not live at their home or in their native place.


Here you'll find the stories of people who share their personal experience of life. Topics such as living abroad, in another town, maybe even at home or back home, also perhaps travelling, relationships, cultural differences or similarities, addiction or just life here and now. These pages are alive and will evolve over time, they will change, and they can grow but sometimes decline again. These pages are not based on the authorities, but on people who like you have something to share and have the ability and willingness to share it.

You can just wander about here, or find inspiration, share personal experience in blogs, find if somebody already went through what you are going through right now. Furthermore, you can set up a topic in the forums about what interests you and what you want or need to know, invite friends, have a look at or add photos to the Gallery.

If you would like to contact us, please click on the menu tab "Contact".

Anyway, look around, write, ask or answer to others. I hope that you will enjoy it at least as much as me.

This space is based on trust. Therefore, we believe that you come here in good faith. So, you are welcome if you come in good faith. If someone tries to be excessively harsh, rude, invasive, promoting addictive substances, spamming, breaking the law or encouraging this, it will be deleted without mercy. Well, because this is a private website, so the administrator will assess who clears. Of course we're open to your recommendations and we want to listen to you. Thus, you can recommend what you like or what you appear to be inappropriate. Everyone is responsible for his/her content submitted. Of course we try to be responsible, so be responsible too. You may want anything but expect to abide by the consequences. So, you can look at the Terms&Conditions and Privacy Policy, which were created with the help of SEQ.

That would be enough for now. Enjoy your visit. Oh, and something else. We're new, have patience with us please. Pages can change in time.



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