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The Old Year


There will be a new year shortly. So, what to say about the last year? Because I am not dependent on media, I would say it wasn’t bad at all. If I watched tv or read papers too much I would be full of bad news and unduly worried about whatever crisis, about our countries, world and life.


So, pros and cons. The only thing which I haven’t reached yet is a decent job in my level of experience, knowledge and education. However, this is something I can still change in the future. Not only I can but I will.


In the middle of the last year I finally got the operation on my knee. The knee is still a little bit dodgy but going better, even if very slowly. Later in the year I very successfully finished my BA studies. This is something I am proud of as I did in different than native country and language. Moreover, I finished it in my forty’s. Well, now I can see I can be successful in different language and cultural environment. I also in the latter half of the last year joined voluntary environment in the UK, particularly in fire, safety and health fields. These steps I see as very pros.


Nevertheless, the most important things for me in this last year were and still are that I am alive, have got a roof above my head, nice place to live in, something to eat and some good people around. However, these things would be nothing if there was not somebody to love. So, it is good to have a warm place to live in, to have food to eat and not to be lonely. But above all things is love, the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return, said someone. So, all these things together make me happy and I am willing to look forward to another year.



Norwich , NFK
United Kingdom
Norfolk GB


‎2012 has been an incredible year for me because good things have come and good things have gone. Tears of lost loved ones have flown down my face and the joy of meeting special ones have enlightened my face, not guaranteeing that there won't be any tears in 2013 but those are the facts of life!

Thanks to those that supported me!

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