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The Car that’s Going to Kill You Is Coming from the Right (and if that doesn’t kill you, zebra crossings will)…

….because, as we know, in the UK (and in some of its ex-colonies) you drive on the left. This is not confusing just for drivers but also for pedestrians for whom cars will appear on unexpected sides of the road, going in unexpected directions. For the first few days, when stepping into the road, you will automatically look left and then right, because that’s what you are used to doing. After a bit you will remember that that is the wrong way to go about it and will start making an effort to do the opposite of what instinct and habit tell you.


Life in the UK: Pepperoni Pizza and Other Surprises

Although I was born and grew up in Italy my mum is English and so, when I moved to the UK for a Masters degree, I did so with all the confidence that speaking the language and being familiar with the culture can give you. As it turned out, despite having spent many summers in England throughout my childhood and adolescence, I didn’t know as much about Britain as I thought.


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