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Debt managers


On Friday I received a letter from Debt Managers Ltd. saying that in case I don’t contact them within a week they will take further action. The letter was two weeks outdated already though. I had no clue what this was about. Actually I had never heard about them or something like this. I knew I owed nothing. So, let forget about it.



Saint days and a book



Graduation and ignorance

That Saturday was a graduation day for us. Of course I was excited but I guess Simona was excited even more. It was in the Norwich Cathedral, which is very nice and I like it very much. I like history generally and Norwich and Norfolk is very interesting from this point of view. Anyway, places such as the Cathedral make me more peaceful and make me think about life, history, people or the power greater than ourselves. So, this place is great choice for graduations as it can make even more ceremonial than it is itself.


Clint's "go ahead, make my day"

Tak jsem si brouzdal po webu pri hovoru s kamaradem na skypu a narazil jsem na stareho dobreho Clinta

I was surfing the internet while talking over the skype and then suddenly I saw good old Clint

So, "go ahead, make my day" ;-)




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