Small World

When I came to a voluntary fair at the Voluntary Norfolk office last year I didn’t know what to expect. The lady at the desk, a few weeks before the fair, said that it would be a big venue with lots of charities present. Then I came and saw just five tables occupied and one of these tables was actually information desk. I thought, well, there are probably not that many charities in Norwich then. Of course, not only charities need volunteers. So, I expected the NHS would be there, for example.



Al(l)right, half left or all left president?


People in the Czech Republic are facing the first direct presidential election. Previous presidential elections were fulfilled by votes of members of the Czech parliament. Since the dissolution of the then Czechoslovakia there have been two presidents; Vaclav Havel, well known dramatist and Vaclav Klaus, well known liberal economist. Both of them people may either love or hate, each of them for very different things.



The Old Year


There will be a new year shortly. So, what to say about the last year? Because I am not dependent on media, I would say it wasn’t bad at all. If I watched tv or read papers too much I would be full of bad news and unduly worried about whatever crisis, about our countries, world and life.


So, pros and cons. The only thing which I haven’t reached yet is a decent job in my level of experience, knowledge and education. However, this is something I can still change in the future. Not only I can but I will.



Australie - Murray river

Rad bych pozval ctenare na muj prvni blog o Australii ( Klokanii) V Australii zijeme uz 30 roku a s manzelkou jsme projeli velky kus Australie, ale nase nejoblibenejsi misto je campovat u reky Murray river, ktera je od naseho bydliste nejbliz. Murray river je nadherna reka, ktera tvori hranici mezi Viktorii, Novym Jiznim Walesem a casti Jizni Australie. Reka je dlouha asi 2500 km a s rameny, kterych je velka spousta je to asi 3200 km Prakticky vsude okolo Murray river se da kempovat a to bez jakehokoliv poplatku. Vetsina brehu je eucalyptova bush, kde jsou jen uzke prasne cesty.



After some fiddling with the site you can upload multiple files into your photo galleries now!


Debt managers


On Friday I received a letter from Debt Managers Ltd. saying that in case I don’t contact them within a week they will take further action. The letter was two weeks outdated already though. I had no clue what this was about. Actually I had never heard about them or something like this. I knew I owed nothing. So, let forget about it.




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